Should I Own the Netgear CM700?. Netgear CM700 32×8 Cable Modem

If you’re looking for the best in performance networking hardware, the Netgear CM700 32×8 Cable Modem is an excellent buy. There are two types of people we’d recommend to purchase this device.

The first group is people who are paying for a high bandwidth connection, but aren’t able to realize the full performance of the service they’re paying for. To see if this is you, do a quick speed test online. If this number is less than 80% of your advertised rate, there is a good reason the modem could be to blame. If you live in an area where the lines aren’t particularly good, or you’ve got a lot of high bandwidth traffic, your modem simply won’t be able to keep up with the errors. In this circumstance, the CM700 would be a great solution. But if your performance is below 20% of your advertised rate, you’ll want to call your ISP first. The CM700 can make a huge impact on your performance, but it can’t perform miracles.

The next group of people who could benefit from the CM700 are those who like to have the fastest internet connection possible, at all times. When ISPs bump up the top speeds, it often takes several months for manufacturers to catch up. Buy buying into a high-performance piece of hardware now, you’ll always be first in line for the latest tier. Gigabit internet is still a ways off, so this modem will surely last you for at least a few years.

Don’t fit into any of these categories? Some people don’t care about performance quite as much, and just want to save themselves the monthly rental fee. If this sound like you, we’ve got a ton of great options listed in our DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem buyers guide. Make sure you check it out!

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Should I Own the Netgear CM700?