First Look. Netgear CM700 32×8 Cable Modem

One of the most obvious upgrades to the modem platform is the design. Netgear has managed to create something that looks aggressive, and yet subtle. It’s sharply angled lines, bright green LEDs, and sharp triangular vent holes scream performance. From the moment you set eyes on it, you’ll know it’s a performance piece of hardware, and yet it’s not kitted out with any unnecessary bling. They’ve simply taken all of the elements a modem needs, and touched up the design to create something that’s simply cohesive.

If you’re currently using a vendor bundled modem, you’ll notice that this one is a little larger. By any stretch of the imagination, you certainly couldn’t consider it ‘huge’. But it’s packed with powerful hardware, and this requires a little extra space. Fortunately, thanks to the built-in stand it has a very low footprint. Some modems can be used either on their side, or upright. With the CM700, we highly recommend that you keep it in the upright position. It uses both sides for cooling, so having the vents uncovered could impact performance.

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