NETGEAR Orbi WiFi System

Just ten short years ago, WiFi was nothing more than a luxury. Today, wireless connectivity is so prevalent that the United States has considered classifying it as a utility. The technology has rapidly developed over the years, improving bandwidth, range, and speed. Many technologies have promised to fix the issue of “dead-spots” found throughout the household, but many have come up short. According to Netgear, a company that’s been providing wireless networking solutions for over a decade, the solution will be found in “Mesh Routing” technology.

Mesh technology has been around for quite some time. If you recall the “One Laptop Per Child” initiative founded over 10 years ago, mesh technology promised to bring internet access throughout many rural third world countries. Essentially, mesh works by adding multiple nodes into a network, and allowing communications to be routed more efficiently throughout them.

With the OLPC project, communications would simply hop from laptop to laptop until finally reaching the primary router. Historically, the problem with mesh is that it works a bit like a game of telephone, with several opportunities for the data to become corrupted. Netgear has found a more effective way to implement mesh technology with their brand-new Orbi High-Performance Wi-Fi-System.

First Look
Set-up Procedure
Traffic Shaping
Wired Connectivity
Final Verdict

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