Marsee ZeroX Bluetooth Speaker

Portable speakers are becoming one of those “must have” accessories for music lovers. It’s not enough anymore to have a home theater and leave it at that. As our music and audio becomes more portable, so to does our audio equipment. Portable speakers are useful for many reasons. For one thing, they allow us to share our music more easily with those around us in a variety of different settings. They also give us access to our favorite audio – whether it’s podcasts, radio, or our own library of music – in a compact, portable way.

Wireless technology, like Bluetooth, is largely to thank for this influx of portable audio equipment. With all our personal devices from our phones to our computers now being equipped with wireless transmission technology. Today the need for endless cords and cables between our playback device and our audio equipment is negated. The trade-off is that digital audio suffers an inevitable loss in quality when transmitted wirelessly, especially in the case of compressed audio files. Fortunately, there are two upsides to this. First, technology has been making great strides in increasing the quality of wirelessly transmitted audio. The other is that despite minor losses in quality (which are sometimes undetectable to the untrained ear anyway), the benefits of wireless audio equipment have come to greatly outweigh the sacrifices.

Nowadays, it’s not enough for portable audio equipment to simply exist as a compact speaker. As consumers, we crave adventure and resent limitations. To keep up, portable speakers have had to deliver in more than just size and sound quality. We want to take our speakers camping, hiking, and fishing. We want to listen to our music in the shower, bath or home office. We want to have the freedom to access our music in all these environments without having to spend hours on complicated setups, or watch our equipment break down in the face of day to day wear and tear.

There are so many options on the market for portable speakers that claim to be weatherproof while also delivering the highest possible quality of sound. Few brands actually live up to the promises they are selling, but we make it our goal to weed those products out and track down the ones that will deliver in the areas you care about most. Enter the Marsee ZeroX Bluetooth Speaker. This is a speaker that is truly adventure-ready. Built with high quality components and packed with features that optimize it for music lovers on the go, the Marsee ZeroX speaker is genuinely built for the life outdoors.

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