Taking a Look at the VirZOOM Virtual Reality Exercise Bike

Now that it’s had a few years to grow and evolve, virtual reality gaming is finally becoming refined enough to be widely adopted by game developers. Unfortunately, there are still a few issues that need to be addressed. The main problem is control. Motion detection is not yet accurate enough to properly track hand movements. The simulation is often cheapened by the lack of tactile response. Picking up a virtual object in a game may look real, but if you are just grasping at empty air it can feel kind of awkward.

Secondly, space in the real world doesn’t line up with space in the virtual world. Large playing fields could lead you to walk into a wall or other object in the room. While VR is able to respond to movement almost instantaneously, the brief delay has been known to cause nausea in some users.

Clearly, creative new applications of virtual reality technologies are needed before the platform can take off. The Virtual Reality Exercise Bike by VirZOOM is a creative example of one of these applications. Will this be the next big thing in VR? Or has VirZOOM created a gimmick that falls short of expectations? Let’s take a look.

Fitness Features
Final Verdict

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