3 Best Bluetooth Beanies with Built-In Headphones 2016-2017

Listening to music is an essential part of most everyone’s daily lives, but having the ability to privately listen to your own tunes isn’t always an easy task. Headphones get tangled and the mess of wires they can create often isn’t even worth the hassle, which is why more individuals are choosing to invest in Bluetooth headphones. But wireless headphones can have their limitations as well.

For those looking for the best of both world’s, selecting a Bluetooth Beanie/Hat with an integrated set of earphones and microphone is a great approach. Not only do they provide a seamless listening experience, but those around you likely won’t even know that you’re enjoying your music since the built-in speakers are typically never visible. In addition to this, a beanie keeps you warm and cozy – all with a great amount of style.

If you’ve been searching high and low for the best Bluetooth beanies with built-in wireless headphones, you’ve probably noticed an overwhelming amount to choose from. Lately we’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries from our readers, asking us to select the best, most worthwhile options are. You’ll want one that’s comfortable, easy to use, built to last, and of course – it has to provide an exceptional listening experience.

Today we’ll outline three of our favorite, best-rated Bluetooth beanies for 2016 and give you an overview of each notable feature that makes each one a worthy choice. We’ll take overall quality, durability, ease of use and other important factors into consideration to give you a fair and honest perspective of each.

Qshell Bluetooth Beanie
Colligwio Fashionable Bluetooth Beanie
Soundbot SB210 Bluetooth Beanie

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