Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

On the face of it, Instax Mini Film cameras may seem like a simple novelty, but they actually provide specific, practical value that can easily be measured. As you already may know, a smaller film size offers a difference in appearance when compared to other types of film. However, in this modern world of digital technology this quality is inherently linked to performance in order to deliver high quality images.

That being said, it isn’t always economically feasible to purchase an expensive, high end digital camera. Or one that’s also capable of producing instant photo print-outs, in order to have access to both the latest digital camera technology and this convenient feature. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 offers a higher end version of previous Instax Mini cameras that use the same compatible film, for those seeking a solution to higher demands on performance.

Ease of use is another quality consideration for the inherent applications of this type of camera. It allows greater mounting options among other features, in order to make it more fun to use in a greater variety of situations. In this review, you’re going to find an honest and factual discussion on the qualities of ease of use, performance, appearance, economy and durability that this camera has to offer.

Multiple Shooting Modes
Selfie Mode
Macro, Landscape and Fill In Flash Modes
High Key, Automatic and Self Timer Modes
Film Development with Automatic Film Feed Out
Disposable CR2 Lithium Metal Batteries (Included)
Real Image Viewfinder and Liquid Crystal Shutter
Mounting Options and Other Accessories
Final Thoughts

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