Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Wireless Gaming Headset

With the current generation of consoles, gaming has become almost a cinematic experience. With crystal clear HD video, high dynamic range processing, and advanced graphics filtering, it’s never been easier to become fully immersed in your game. But video is only a small component of the gaming experience.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console has an entire CPU dedicated to processing audio. The chipset is capable of both encoding and decoding over 200 individual audio streams. This means that game companies can used compression algorithms to make audio files compact and quick to load, but every individual sound can have its own set of advanced filtering. Just as the console is able to render graphics in a three-dimensional space, the same can now be done with audio. The sound can be adjusted for reverberation, distance, location, and interference.

You’re not just going to hear what is happening, but where it’s happening. With a proper audio setup, the experience can be akin to seeing a movie on the silver screen. But in order to take advantage of these features, you’ll need to have the right gear.

If you’ve ever spent time shopping for gaming headsets, you’re sure to have come across some of Turtle Beach’s products. Not only are they known for producing high quality headsets, but their offerings are specifically tailored to the needs of the gaming community. With the Stealth 520 wireless gaming headset, they’re enabling gamers around the world to take advantage of the incredible audio experience of the PlayStation 4.

The new Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Headset is not a completely new product. This is actually an upgrade to one of their existing models. The Stealth 500p was incredibly popular, due primarily for the incredible audio quality it delivered at such an affordable price. Let’s take a look and see what kind of improvements were made in the latest edition.

First Impressions
Audio Quality
Microphone Quality
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Final Verdict

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